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Design Firm Website with Novel Interface

By November 21, 2012Websites

Decker Design WebsiteDesigning a website for yourself is a challenge. There are so many objectives to accomplish. It has to be stunningly handsome, amazingly entertaining, clearly communicative, and masterfully executed.

For Decker Design, where I am the Design Director, we achieved that goal.

The magical design is displayed using Isotope, an exquisite jQuery plugin that enables filtering, sorting, and dynamic layouts. We customized the plugin to have additional navigation and hide/show functionality. The design shows over 100 portfolio samples at a glance.

We developed the site using Drupal. It took about 2 months and was relatively easy to add responsive media queries allowing the site to render seamlessly on various size desktop monitors, tablets and smartphones. Additionally we produced all of the images at 2x resolution so that they render crisply on the new iPad Retina Display.

I suggest visiting the site and trying out the addictive and responsive sort feature (WORK menu pull-down).

CSS & PHP framework by Bradley Cushing; Isotope plugin by David Desandro