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Projects & Perspectives

iBook Author

By Commentary

Apple had done it again. They created software for the creation of iBooks that’s easy to use and produces excellent results. We tried it out the day it was released and found it to be an excellent alternative to the more complex Adobe products. It’s designed for the textbook market, but obviously it can generate iPad-friendly projects of any type.

iBooks Author Interface

The iBooks Author interface is simple and intuitive

Download our first test here:


Instructions: Download the file (a .zip file) then uncompress it. To view the book on your iPad, make sure you have the latest free iBooks 2 app and iOS 5, and do the following:

Drag the book file (with the extension .ibooks) to the iTunes window and sync the book to your iPad. For more information, see iTunes Help.


E-commerce Website for Leslie Linsley Nantucket

By Websites



Aron Design just completed the design and build-out of a robust e-commerce site for Leslie Linsley Nantucket, a specialty retailer with stores in Nantucket and Boston. We designed their brand identity, the in-store label and collateral system, the signage and the direct mail marketing. Read More

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

By Commentary, Typography


Graphic design was transformed by Steve Jobs/Apple. We owe him a huge debt. In 1989 Postscript allowed desktop computers and printers to accurately render colors, designs, images, and most importantly, typography. This innovation led to a paradigm shift in the creation of marketing materials, videos, and interactive media.

My first professional setup was a Mac IIcx, an Apple Laserwriter, a Radius 19 inch monitor that weighed about 200 lbs., a 14.4 mbps modem. I paid $25,000 which included a service contract an a few other bells and whistles—and I was happy to pay it. We transmitted our ads and page layouts to a service bureau in New Jersey by dedicated modem, and received monochromatic Linotronic output pages the next day by messenger. It reduced our typesetting costs by 10 fold overnight.

Comprehensive Marketing Program for Lutheran HealthCare

By Brand Identity

A consulting assignment for one of the metropolitan area’s largest health care institutions.

Lutheran HealthCare Poster Series

Lutheran HealthCare Poster Series

After a lengthy focus group study, it was determined that the Rehabilitation Practice was a potential area for increased profits and that LHC non-rehab personnel needed to be educated about the full range of services available at LHC rehab care. Read More

Internal Newsletter for Global Accounting Firm

By Favorites

PricewaterhouseCoopers has more than 155,000 people in 153 countries. We were tasked with delivering relevant editorial content to all of them, both offline and online, four times a year. We were entirely responsible for Link*— the name, writing, and the overall design and implementation. The key feature each issue was a set of video interviews with top management—putting a face and a voice behind policy decisions being made at the highest levels of the firm.




Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Firm: Ross Culbert & Lavery, Inc.

E-commerce website

By Websites

Bob's No Problem Website

A highly illustrative homepage for a highly unusual product line. We wrote, designed and programmed the site which features a powerful content management system and a full function shopping cart with inventory management. The display font we used is IM Fell, a new release from GoogleFonts featuring the ability to embed the actual font on the fly. Visit the site here.

Brand Identity and Package Design

By Brand Identity
Bob's No Problem

Bob's No Problem Label

We recently completed the brand identity for Bob’s No Problem, a gourmet specialty foods producer based in Boca Raton. The first line of products will be a Bloody Mary Maker. It’s delicious. We’ll re-post when the e-commerce website is finished so you can order some. The map art, based on an 18th century original, is by William Bevington. This design is a variation of the original we did back in 1985.

Eight Tips to Avoid Cognitive Overload

By Commentary

When Aron Design creates a website we are intensely aware of cognitive overload—the brains inability to process the chaos of the typical website presentation.

Avoid cognitive overload with well designed pages that promote comprehension and increase effectiveness.

Read More