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Be Distinct from the Crowd

By April 3, 2010Commentary

I was reading the book You Are Not a Gadget by the computer scientist Jaron Lanier and came across this passage: “…there is no evidence that quantity becomes quality in matters of human expression or achievement. What matters instead, I believe, is a sense of focus, a mind in effective concentration, and an adventurous individual imagination that is distinct from the crowd.”

Marketing is a crowded field and as marketers, we strive to have your voice heard above the deafening roar. At Aron Design, we practice the craft of design, writing, and photography with only one goal in mind: connecting with a consumer by telling engaging and persuasive, custom-tailored stories. You need to find that unique selling proposition that consumers will connect with above all others and broadcast it with confidence across a wide spectrum of media. Telling compelling, one-of-a-kind stories is the key.

You Are Not a Gadget is a manifesto that objects to crowd behavior and media mashups in favor of individual expression, especially on the Web. Highly recommended.