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Website for High Net Worth Wealth Management Firm

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Foster Wealth extends brand to include Foster & Wood

This Oregon-based wealth manager serves a very small, but very demanding slice of the population: family wealth inheritors. This group has special requirements to preserve wealth for future generations and to structure their portfolios for maximum tax efficiency.

Our design for Foster Wealth was built around the founder’s family story. We featured a detailed family timeline and many personal photographs.

After launching in 2013, the firm grew and launched a subsidiary specializing in business retirement planning in 2015. We designed the companion website, Foster & Wood, following the same brand guidelines and personalized narrative.


Entwistle & Cappucci Law Firm Website

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This New Jersey-based firm wanted to convey their strong presence in New York City. To achieve this, we went up to the roof of their building and photographed the view in 360 degrees and stitched it together into an infinity motion graphic. In addition to the site, we created their brand identity.

Firm: Ross Culbert & Lavery, Inc.
Programming: Animus Rex

Top Wall Street Law Firm Website

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In addition to designing this website, I took all of the photos of the Wall Street neighborhood in which they have their headquarters. These photos, In addition to B&W portraits by Michael Paras, form the basis of the brand image for the firm.  I also refined the logotype and produced all of their advertising and collateral.

Client: Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Firm: Ross Culbert & Lavery, Inc.
Programming: Animus Rex

Comprehensive Marketing Program for Lutheran HealthCare

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A consulting assignment for one of the metropolitan area’s largest health care institutions.

Lutheran HealthCare Poster Series

Lutheran HealthCare Poster Series

After a lengthy focus group study, it was determined that the Rehabilitation Practice was a potential area for increased profits and that LHC non-rehab personnel needed to be educated about the full range of services available at LHC rehab care. Read More

Brand Identity and Package Design

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Bob's No Problem

Bob's No Problem Label

We recently completed the brand identity for Bob’s No Problem, a gourmet specialty foods producer based in Boca Raton. The first line of products will be a Bloody Mary Maker. It’s delicious. We’ll re-post when the e-commerce website is finished so you can order some. The map art, based on an 18th century original, is by William Bevington. This design is a variation of the original we did back in 1985.