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Entertainment Media and Communications Summit Intro Video

By March 18, 2009Favorites

PricewaterhouseCoopers publishes an annual survey about trends in the entertainment, Media and Communications industry. They publish a 400-page book that contains forecasts for worldwide trends in internet, music, publishing and broadcast based on extensive interviews with leading CEOs, COOs and CIOs.

The day-long book launch event is a major event held every year at the Waldorf=Astoria Ballroom. Many of the industry’s glitterati show up.

Our responsibility included branding, marketing and production for all aspects of the effort including:

  • Introductory video montage
  • Set design
  • Email marketing and registration
  • Event wayfinding and dinner journal
  • Advertising in trade media
  • Design and production of the book

The video montage above features original music we composed, voice over recordings of the script we wrote, and visuals we produced.

Sound Design: North Forty Music
Design Firm: Calfo Aron LLC