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E-commerce Website for Leslie Linsley Nantucket

By January 3, 2012October 19th, 2018Websites



Aron Design just completed the design and build-out of a robust e-commerce site for Leslie Linsley Nantucket, a specialty retailer with stores in Nantucket and Boston. We designed their brand identity, the in-store label and collateral system, the signage and the direct mail marketing.

The assignment included a completely new e-commerce website built using a customized WordPress backend. The retailer has full control over pages, menus, and blog posts, as well as robust SEO tagged to every page and every image. The product management tools allow the retailer to easily change prices, offer discounts, track orders, interact by email with customer and all payments are cleared through a security gateway.

The project started with a simple sitemap. Then design comps were presented and approved. Once we agreed on the site structure, we decided functionality on a page-by-page basis. Every link action was described in writing before any programming was done. This technique allows for extremely rapid implementation.

Unlike traditional site design/build projects, we did not produce any Photoshop layered files. We created the art to certain sizes as described in the functional spec. That’s it. The pages were composed using WordPress content management admin tools with very little actual html code. We produced the site in less than four weeks.

Since the site’s design is controlled by CSS templates and the content and images are manged by a MySQL database, the site is easy to maintain and keep current. The retailer is not html-savvy so the easy-to-use browser-based admin tools allowed for quick training in the page update and creation techniques.

We produced 20 short video tutorials for the client. That way they do not need to memorize the steps to edit pages. Just watch the video and follow step-by-step.

Visit the site and buy something. The items are all handmade and the designs are one-of-a-kind.