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Interactive Proposal to Sun Microsystems

By March 18, 2009Favorites

To renew engagements or to win new business, PwC needed a compact solution that included reams of information, video interviews, downloadable pdfs, and links to online presentations. These packages needed to be produced with a very short lead time and only 100 copies were produced. Each proposal would include an interactive CD and a book housed in rigid presentation packaging.

This example is from the pitch to Sun Microsystems.

On a technical level, this presentation was a challenge. Produced at a time before streaming video on the internet, or even DVDs for that matter. We shot and edited 24 videos, used aggressive compression codecs, and squeeze them onto a 700MB CD-Rom with interactive functionality encoded using Macromedia Director. A few days before the presentation, Sun called and said the disc had to play on their proprietary Solaris OS. Non-negotiable.

Our disk would not play on Solaris. To solve the problem we bought two different vintage Solaris desktops and re-worked our presentation to play seamlessly using Flash. We delivered the disks by NexJet NY>LA rush courier in order to make the meeting. Close call but we made it.

Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Firm: Calfo Aron LLC.