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Interactive Proposal to Verizon

By Favorites

To renew engagements or to win new business, PwC needed a compact solution that included reams of information, video interviews, downloadable pdfs, and links to online presentations. These packages needed to be produced with a very short lead time and only 100 copies were produced. Each proposal would include an interactive CD and a book housed in rigid presentation packaging.

This example is from the pitch to “NewCo” which was code name for the new entity Bell Atlantic formed by the merger of Nynex, one of the AT&T spin-offs, and GTE. Bell Atlantic eventually became Verizon when the dust settled after some additional mergers.

The pitch was a success and we celebrated at the “21” Club private dining room.

On a technical level, this presentation was a novelty. Produced at a time before streaming video on the internet, or even DVDs for that matter. We shot and edited 24 videos, used aggressive compression codecs, and squeeze them onto a 700MB CD-Rom with interactive functionality encoded using Macromedia Director. Archaic by today’s standards, yet still effective as a selling tool.

Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Firm: Calfo Aron LLC.